The Final Chapter - 12"

by Filth of Mankind

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Recorded March 2000 at Radio Gdańsk Studios by Roman Dmowski,
Mixed and mastered April-May 2000 by R. Dmowski and F.O.M.
Music by Miłosz Gassan & F.O.M. 1996-2000 except "W Piekle Codzienności" by Paweł Rzóska & F.O.M., Cywilizacja Jednorazowego Uzytku originally done by Protest And Survive ' 94 and re-constructed by F.O.M.
Lyrics by Paweł Rzóska / except Upadek, Poszanowanie Różnorodności & Bastard by Paweł Szymański.
* bonus track lyrics by Radosław Szatkowski.
F.O.M. are: Tomek Pawlak - vocals, Miłosz Gassan - guitar, Paweł Rzóska - guitar, Michał Jędrejek - bass, Paweł Szymański - drums

* Unreleased
Recorded during The Final Chapter session in 2000 at Radio Gdańsk Studios


released December 6, 2014



all rights reserved
Track Name: Upadek / The Downfall
The falling down of the simplest truths
Is it that hard to imagine
All it takes is a little button
To change everything to dust


Spoonfed illusions of safety
We are close to destruction
Our shouts are stifled by the media
Oh why can't you hear them?


Psychopaths playing politics
I well know what they want
They want us to live in endless fear
Don't you see it?

Brought up in never - ending fear
You don't even think of change.
That's exactly part of their plan.
Is it your road to survival?

Fear of change
Plan carried out
It's human madness
It's a dwonfall
Track Name: Poszanowanie Różnorodności / Respect For Diversity
When any form of being different
Has no chance of being accepted
And words don't reach peoples minds
There isn't the slightest hope

Let's stand in the name of being different.

Brought up in the name of hypocrisy
Sick, moral laws
Catholic role models
Strong, fucking reproducer

Let's stand in the name of being different
Track Name: W Piekle Codzienności / Everyday Hell
Pain... Pain of existence...
Your veins are bleeding, innards ripped out
You sell your life for their table scraps
Fed with lies, you live an illusion
Believing that you'll one day make it to the top

You kill yourself to live...
You sell your soul for a piece of bread
You kill your soul
Thinking only how to survive

Every day, again another 8 hours of death
The vicious cycle of maddening labor
You toil for a bunch of freeloaders
Who love to put you down

You kill yourself to live...
You sell your soul for a piece of bread
You kill your soul
Rotting in an everyday Hell.

Imagination buried in everyday routine
Day after day goes by as if they never happened
Chained to financial dependence
Robbed of youth, self - respect, freedom
Track Name: Obłędna Rzeczywistość / Insane Reality
Another page torn off the calendar
Another year that didn't change anything
The same old shit surrounding us
Another friend goes off into the sunset

Surrounded by increasingly younger faces
We treat their youthful beliefs cynically
We think their enthusiasm is naivety
But that what's all around doesn't disgust me any less.

Fucking reality leads to insanity
Cynicism, bitterness, nihilism, auto - destruction

Without hope, but still unwilling to accept
We cannot deal with the pressure of everyday life.
The frames of sensitivity are over - taut
They break, pushing you into the arms of frustration

Waiting until the end brings salvation
We struggle in a cage falling in exhaustion
Escaping in addictions, temporarily losing oneself.
In the blood which daily flows in our veins
Track Name: Rejs Ku Zagładzie / Sailing Towards Destruction
A possessed ride straight into a radioactive sun
Shining darkly in a black sky
At the helm are clowns in suits
Smiling, they hide that what everyone knows

Group madness still makes us believe
That this ship is still under control
That we're still on course
To dock in a safe harbor

Open your eyes! The captain's insane!
We're blindly sailing! This trip is the end!

You still dumbly believe in their lies
Because it's too hard to live without a ray of hope
And the madmen in power will still stand at the helm
Until the earth turns to dust.

No one cares to admit that the helm is broken
The race towards power forces them to laugh
Blinded, they count on salvation in the life - boats
Meanwhile, like rats the fight at the helm
Track Name: Bastard
Years gone by haven't changed the mentality
The police still thinks the same way
We are protected by the law.
Which is supported by this sick system

Are you safe on the street?
Hearing the police siren?
Think, who's to blame?
who allows them to overuse their power?

Have you heard of their destroying demonstrations
Their protection turns into hate
There are no laws here.
Only night - sticks count
Track Name: Cywilizacja Jednorazowego Użytku / Disposable Civilisation
I'm suffocating
In a concrete jungle
Without sun or rain
Locked behind walls

I'm suffocating
Breathing in lead
In an endless traffic jam
On the road to nowhere

No one remembers the law of nature
Which unfortunately cannot be bribed
Mass psychosis of thoughtless consumption
Greed stronger than the will to survive

Treeless landscapes - no chance for rain
Progress and comfort have their own price
The cracked Earth suffers in silence
There's no tomorrow for her inhabitants
Track Name: Zamknięty Rozdział / The Final Chapter
Lift your head, look at the sky
Say goodbye to the world
Look, vultures are gathering blackly
Knowing, that they'll be the victim also

There in the distance, a bloody fire burns in the western sky
Restless Nature predicts what will happen
Only the one who is the image of God
Still doesn't understand what he's done
Blinded with his feeling of power
He is a leader, not nature's follower
He decided to make his own law
And he is certain to succeed
He will believe in his power to the end
Without know that its a closed chapter

Fire! The earth burns in eternity
Man! Gets his long awaited pay
Earth! Turned to ash, is blowing in the wind
End! The last chapter in the history of mankind

No conclusions. Over all the millenia
Greed and stupidity didn't allow thought
Exploitation instead of protection
Mankind's thoughtlessness - the end of existence

The Dying Planet - a bleak warning
For those who once discover the Earth
Maybe they will reach some conclusion
From the legend of the man who wanted to be God